The management of “Tech Park Optela” AD pointed the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for digital transformation of the business, which is related, on the one hand, to the technologies and their accessibility and, on the other hand, to the attitudes of the people. That a technology is available does not mean there are people who are willing to use it at all, and even less – people who are ready to use it actively. That is why in the territory of “Optela” park, after a five-year collaboration of employees, specialists and consultants, a unique “Educational complex in Informatics and Electronic Leadership” was created for Bulgaria with the intention to teach people how to use technology for their convenience and comfort. Bedides the digital transformation of business requires a change in the behavior of all employees in this direction. Digitization of business is not just a task for IT specialists. In order for such a transformation to be successful, the behavior of each employee must be adapted to the new realities – this process, of course, must be guided by management, i.t. the electronic leaders who need to be trained for high professionalism and excellent competence.

Mastering this technology wave can provide us with a new and successful field in innovative solutions to overcome the deindustrialisation of the last quarter of a century. Innovating in the educational process also increases our chances of leading positions in the modern technological world, as well as the opportunities for an advancing sustainable development for raising the standard of living.

Innovations in the educational process also increase the chances of leadership positions in the modern technological world as well as opportunities for an advancing sustainable development for raising the standard of living.

“Tech Park Optela” AD has the necessary facilities, information resources and human resources (qualified own experts and highly qualified experts) to be able to organize and provide high quality educational services in the interest of acquiring and developing the qualification of specialists with education in the field of information science, as well as for development of research and applied activities in the field of informatics and computer sciences.