Job Shop Optela Technology Center specializes in the design and production of sheet metal, plastic and other non-metal plates. The available technical equipment allows all the technological operations necessary for the processing of sheet material, tubing and other profiles – to the final product – details, welding and other structures.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers, designers and technical specialists whose function is to realize our customers’ ideas quickly, economically and efficiently. Designing is based on drawings provided by AutoCad or CorelDraw clients. It is possible to execute an order on a sketch provided by the customer, marked with the required size.

We accept orders for laser engraving and tooling – drills, various types of cutters and others – with and without covering. Details of all types of steels and cast iron, as well as of oxidised aluminum (or its alloys): identification plates of products – machines, tanks and etc., inventory plates of fixed tangible assets, scales of metalworking machines.

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