"IT hub Mahatma Gandi in Informatics and Electronic Leadership"

On the territory of Optela Tech Park, after a five-year collaboration of employees, specialists and consultants, a unique “IT hub Mahatma Gandi of Informatics and Electronic Leadership” was created for Bulgaria with the idea of teaching people how to use the technologies for their convenience and comfort.

The strategic goal of the IT hub Mahatma Gandi is to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality and competitive advantages of the training provided and to meet the growing need for highly qualified specialists so needed for the digital transformation of the business.

IT hub Mahatma Gandi includes: Private Omega Professional College (www.collegeomega.com) with computer network education, graphic and interior design; Training Center “Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies-Bulgaria” (IIHT – www.iiht.bg) with a franchise for more than 2300 courses for IT specialties; IT Academy AD “(www.itakademia.bg), Higher School of Informatics and Electronic Leadership” Mahatma Gandi”(http://mvuiel.itakademia.bg) for the training of specialists and leaders for the digital transformation of the business and a Master Program” Cybersecurity and Strategic Management”, through cooperation between IIHT-Bulgaria (http://vuzf.iiht.bg) and” Higher School of Insurance and Finance “-Sofia (www.vuzf.bg).

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