The owner of Tech Park Optela is the company “Tech Park Optela” AD/S.A/, established in 1980, for the production of high-tech laser systems – powerful CO2 lasers for metal cutting, as well as medical lasers. This production finds markets both in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. With the expansion of the plant, the production of facilities for domestic and industrial water treatment was later utilized.

Between 1991 and 1996, as a result of political and economic changes in Eastern Europe and the contraction of markets, production declined and in 1997 the company was privatized. It became a public joint-stock company with 100% private capital and is listed at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange /BSE/-Sofia AD. The new owners retain the technology and production profile and along with a properly targeted investment, marketing and management policy, manage to stabilize the company and return some of the lost markets.

The long-standing contacts with the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of laser technology and the production of new  advanced systems are renewed. As a result of this cooperation, we are utilizing and producing systems for cutting and engraving with solid and gas lasers, as well as therapeutic lasers. During this period, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, an “Laser and Laser Technology Conference” started being held in Bulgaria annually, with the participation of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and all over Europe. A “Laser Safety Lab” is also being set up.

“Tech Park Optela” AD/S.A/ is certified according to the European Quality Standard “ISO 9001”.

In response to the global economic crisis since 2010, diversification of production and consolidation has begun through the merger of several machinery companies. The capital of the company has also increased.

The staff of “Tech Park Optela” AD consists of highly qualified specialists, as well as a management team with long professional experience. They have participated in the development of projects funded under European programs and are continuously expanding partnership and cooperation with companies from Europe.

The activities of “Tech Park Optela” AD include the activities of high-tech training, shared workspace, start-up programs, realization of projects for the development of research and technological capacity, unique innovation environment, business incubator, etc.