Annual technical inspection check-points

There are annual and periodic technical inspections for vehicles: motorcycles; cars; trucks; buses


Shock test for shock absorbers, computer diagnostics, engine diagnostics, anti-lock systems diagnostics, geometry of front and rear axles.


Engine oil change; gearbox oil change; changing filters; changing belts; deaeration of brake systems and brake fluid change; charging of air conditioners; tire balance.


Repair of mechanical and automatic gearboxes; repair of differentials; repair of steering rails; repair of dividing boxes; replacement of shock absorbers, hinges, bushings, pads, supports, etc.; brake system repair: replacement of brake pads, discs and drums.

Replacement services

Extending and completely recovering of crashed cars, replacing the severely damaged parts of the vehicle with new ones, performing local repairs and major repair of the passenger compartment after serious accidents.


The service has a painting preparation section, a modern paint shop, a water and acrylic paint preparation machine.

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